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About Bridge Games Studio: Where Gaming Dreams Come True

Welcome to Bridge Games Studio, a visionary game development company nestled in the vibrant city of Tarragona, Spain. As the first studio of its kind in this historic locale, we bridge the gap between imagination and reality, crafting unforgettable gaming experiences that captivate players worldwide. Our name, born from a light-hearted inside joke among our three co-founders, reflects our dedication to fostering genuine enjoyment and deep connections through our games. Situated amidst ancient Roman ruins and the dynamic Mediterranean lifestyle, our studio draws unparalleled inspiration from its surroundings, infusing our creations with a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern innovation. Here at Bridge Games, we don't just create games; we create portals to new worlds, inviting players to embark on journeys where their dreams can truly come alive.

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Our Vision: Pioneering True Enjoyment in Gaming

At Bridge Games Studio, we envision a gaming world where the limits of joy, wonder, and excitement are boundless. Our vision is rooted in the deep-seated belief that every element within a game should contribute to a fully immersive experience. From childhood, our passion for gaming has been fueled by the potential for infinite exploration and engagement within virtual worlds.

We are committed to crafting games that go beyond traditional boundaries. Our goal is to create environments where every detail is interactive and every scenario is explorable, allowing players to truly live out their fantasies. This approach not only enhances the sense of adventure but also deepens the connection between the player and the game.

Moreover, we strive to integrate compelling narratives with dynamic gameplay that makes every action feel significant and heroic. Our focus is on delivering a visceral experience where the excitement of gameplay is matched by the emotional weight and visual impact of the story. Each game we develop is designed to be a seamless fusion of story and action, ensuring that players feel genuinely powerful and engaged at every moment.

In our pursuit of pioneering true enjoyment, Bridge Games Studio is dedicated to pushing the limits of what games can be—creating not just games, but gateways to new realms of adventure and possibility.

Why Bridge Games Studio Stands Out:

Pioneers in Tarragona: As the first game development studio in Tarragona, Spain, Bridge Games Studio is uniquely positioned to leverage the untapped potential of a city ripe for digital innovation. Inspired by the success of nearby Barcelona in the gaming industry, we are committed to transforming Tarragona into a new hub for game development. This pioneering spirit is at the heart of our mission, driving us to create games that are not only locally inspired but globally admired.


Ambitious Visionaries: At Bridge Games Studio, we don't just play the game; we aim to redefine it. Our ambition is to compete with the giants of the gaming world, bringing fresh, bold ideas to the forefront of the industry. With a wellspring of inspiration and a robust catalog of game concepts, our vision extends beyond the ordinary, aiming to set new benchmarks in gaming innovation and engagement.

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Meet The Team

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Jack Jarvis

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • +10 years experience

  • Game Design

  • Narrative Design

  • Level Design

  • Executive Producer

  • AAA Hollywood Titles

  • Lead Game Designer


Niklas Ahlsten

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • +4 years experience

  • Game economy design

  • Game balancing

  • Lead game designer

  • City-building survival game

  • Producer


Jack Karlsson

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • +5 Years experience

  • Gameplay programming

  • UI programming

  • Backend programming

  • Game programming education

  • AAA Hollywood Titles

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