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About Bridge Games Studio: Where Gaming Dreams Come True

Welcome to Bridge Games Studio, a visionary game development company that bridges the gap between imagination and reality, creating unforgettable gaming experiences for players worldwide. Our name, inspired by a light-hearted inside joke among our three co-founders, symbolizes our commitment to connecting players to the true enjoyment of our games.

Two Gamers

Our Vision: Pioneering True Enjoyment in Gaming

At Bridge Games Studio, we envision a gaming world where joy, wonder, and excitement unite to deliver immersive experiences like no other. We're driven by our passion for innovation and our relentless pursuit of crafting games that bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.

Why Bridge Games Studio Stands Out:

1. Player-Centric Philosophy: For us, the heart of gaming lies in our players' genuine enjoyment. We listen, observe, and immerse ourselves in our players' desires to create captivating games that evoke emotions, forge connections, and foster lasting memories.

2. Creativity and Innovation Unleashed: Our team of brilliant minds thrives on pushing the boundaries of creativity. From enchanted realms to thrilling challenges, each game we create is an artful blend of innovation and imagination.

3. A Bridge to Immersive Stories: Our games transport players to fantastical universes where they become the heroes of their own tales. Riveting narratives intertwine seamlessly with captivating gameplay, drawing players into unforgettable gaming odysseys.

In the Spotlight

Meet The Team

Me Rooftop_edited.png

Jack Jarvis

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • +10 years experience

  • Game Design

  • Narrative Design

  • Level Design

  • Executive Producer

  • AAA Hollywood Titles

  • Lead Game Designer


Niklas Ahlsten

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • +4 years experience

  • Game economy design

  • Game balancing

  • Lead game designer

  • City-building survival game

  • Producer


Jack Karlsson

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • +5 Years experience

  • Gameplay programming

  • UI programming

  • Backend programming

  • Game programming education

  • AAA Hollywood Titles

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