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Invest in Our Free-to-Play Fantasy Mobile Fishing Game!

Welcome to Bridge Games Studio, where gaming innovation meets lucrative investment opportunities. We're thrilled to present our groundbreaking free-to-play fantasy mobile fishing game—an immersive gaming experience that promises both thrilling gameplay and exceptional investment potential.

Why Invest in Our Fantasy Fishing Game?

  • Innovative and Captivating Gameplay: Our fantasy fishing game is like no other in the market. Dive into a world of magical creatures, enchanted waters, and epic challenges. With a unique blend of strategy and skill, players will be hooked on this captivating gameplay for hours on end.

  • Booming Mobile Gaming Market: The mobile gaming industry is witnessing explosive growth, and our team has expertly tapped into this trend. With millions of players worldwide embracing mobile gaming, we're primed to capitalize on the rapidly expanding market.


  • Monetization Strategy: Our carefully crafted in-app purchases and advertising model ensures a steady stream of revenue. Players can customize their fishing gear, unlock mythical fishing spots, and access exclusive features, providing ample opportunities for microtransactions.

  • Strong Community Engagement: We understand the value of fostering a loyal and engaged player community. Our social features, regular events, and content updates will keep players invested, creating a sustainable long-term revenue stream.

  • Experienced Development Team: Bridge Games Studio is led by a highly skilled and passionate team with years of experience in mobile game development. Their combined expertise guarantees a polished and successful product.

Investment Opportunity: Revenue Share

As an investor in our free-to-play fantasy fishing game, you'll benefit from a unique and lucrative revenue share model. We believe in rewarding our investors for their support and commitment to our game's success. Here's how the revenue share works:

  1. Steady Income Stream: Earn a share of the game's revenue generated from in-app purchases, advertisements, and other monetization channels. As the game gains popularity and attracts more players, your potential for recurring income grows.

  2. Transparent Reporting: We're committed to transparency and accountability. As an investor, you'll receive regular and detailed reports outlining the game's financial performance, revenue generated, and your share of the profits.

  3. Aligned Interests: By embracing a revenue share model, we align our interests with yours. Our success directly impacts your returns, motivating us to continually improve the game and maximize revenue potential.

  4. Long-Term Potential: The free-to-play mobile gaming market offers immense long-term potential, and your investment positions you to benefit from the game's growth over time. As the player base expands and engagement deepens, so does your potential for ongoing earnings.



Financial Projections:

While we maintain a conservative approach to financial projections, our free-to-play fantasy fishing game is poised for tremendous growth. Based on market research and our in-depth analysis, we anticipate substantial revenues within the first year of release, followed by sustained growth in the years to come.

In-game purchase predictions:

Number of players: 40,000

Amount spent per month per player: 1 euro

Number of months in a year: 12

Total earnings per year = Number of players * Amount spent per month * Number of months in a year

Total earnings per year = 40,000 players * 1 euro/month * 12 months/year

Total earnings per year = 480,000 euros

Ad revenue predictions:

Number of ad views per week = 40,000 players * 15 ad views/player = 600,000 ad views

Earnings per week = 600,000 ad views * 0.005 euros/ad view = 3000 euros

Earnings per Year = 156,000 euros

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Together, let's reel in success with our free-to-play fantasy fishing game and create a lucrative future in the world of mobile gaming.

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