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Lake Legends Beta Feedback Questionnaire

We’re thrilled that you’ve taken part in the Lake Legends Beta test, and now we need your hero’s wisdom to fine-tune the realm! Please take a few moments to complete this questionnaire and help us shape the destiny of Lake Legends.

Give Us Your Feedback
We’d love to hear what you thought about us.
Age Range:
How would you rate the overall gameplay experience?
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
How intuitive did you find the game controls?

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

How do you rate the visuals/graphics?
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
How do you rate the sound/music?
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
How do you rate the difficulty level?
Did you experience any bugs or glitches while playing?
How was the game's performance overall (e.g., loading times, lag)?
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent
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