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Lake Legends Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing Lake Legends by Bridge Games Studio. This document outlines our commitment to your privacy, detailing the types of information we gather, our reasons, and how we manage this data. We believe in transparency and clarity, so we've explained everything in a straightforward manner. Please do take a moment to familiarize yourself with our practices.


2. Information We Collect

2.1. Device Information:

Device Specifications: Brand, model, and operating system version.


Network Data: This includes but isn't limited to your IP address, ISP, and type of mobile network connection (e.g., 4G, 5G).


Unique Identifiers: Device ID, Advertising ID, and other pertinent identifiers.


2.2. Gameplay and Usage Data:

Progress Metrics: Details such as player scores, levels achieved, and badges unlocked.


Usage Patterns: How often you play, session lengths, and particular in-game decisions.


Player Preferences: Chosen in-game settings, customization options, and saved preferences.


2.3. Log Information:

Technical Reports: Any issues, bugs, or crashes you might experience.


Interactions: How you navigate our game, utilize features, and access various game elements.


3. Why We Collect Data

3.1. Game Functionality and Support:

Optimization: Ensuring Lake Legends is compatible and runs smoothly across different devices.


Support: Assisting players swiftly and effectively when issues arise.


3.2. Enhancements and Updates:

Feedback Implementation: Taking player feedback into account for game improvements.


Innovation: Introducing new features, levels, and challenges for a richer gameplay experience.


3.3. User Experience:

Tailoring Content: Personalizing in-game challenges and features based on your preferences.


Engagement Analysis: Observing player behaviors to enhance game dynamics.


3.4. Advertising:

Relevancy: Serving ads that resonate with your interests.


Performance Tracking: Observing how players interact with ads to improve their relevancy and presentation.


4. Data Sharing and Disclosure

4.1. Third-party Service Providers:

Data Analysis: Partnering with platforms that help us understand player behavior.


Advertisement Platforms: Collaborating with third parties to display in-game ads.


4.2. Legal and Regulatory Bodies:

Compliance: Cooperating with legal authorities when mandated by laws or regulations.

4.3. Consent:

Explicit Approval: We will always seek your explicit approval before sharing your data beyond the reasons outlined above.

5. Advertising

Lake Legends collaborates with trusted advertising platforms to showcase optional ads. Though these entities might gather non-personal data for better ad targeting, your personal identifiable information remains protected.


6. In-App Purchases

The Open Beta phase of Lake Legends currently doesn't feature in-app purchases. But when integrated, rest assured that transaction details will be securely processed through the Google Play Store, safeguarding your financial information.


7. Gacha System

Venture into our gacha system to unveil random rewards from treasure chests. This feature is built on transparent parameters and percentages, ensuring every player has an equitable chance.


8. Data Security

While we use cutting-edge security measures to guard your data, the digital realm does come with its vulnerabilities. Though we're dedicated to safeguarding your information, absolute security can't always be guaranteed.


9. Age Restrictions

Lake Legends is crafted for players 13 years and above. We're steadfast in our commitment not to intentionally collect data from children below 13. If we detect such an oversight, the information will be promptly erased.


10. Policy Updates

The dynamic nature of the digital domain might necessitate occasional policy updates. If there are significant amendments, players will be notified either in-game or through other appropriate channels.


11. Contact Information

Should you have queries, suggestions, or concerns regarding this policy, kindly write to us at:

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